A Genius Trick to when you just Dont want to repond to that annoying e-mail

email_hackSome emails are perfectly answered with a simple “Sounds good.” Others, of a much less pleasant variety, require a thoughtful and detailed response. A response that takes time, energy and the occasional thesaurus.

And sometimes, you just don’t have the energy. But you can’t just ignore it, right?

Right. Instead, do this: At the bottom of a shorter-than-necessary Continue Reading


Kenya National Music Policy Launched

The much awaited Kenya National Music Policy has officially been unveiled. The policy which is poised to streamline the music industry in Kenya, comes at a time when music stakeholders have been calling for an official document to guide the multi-million industry and prepare it for the next phase of growth.

The official publication of the National Music Policy is a result of the work culmination of the work of a taskforce that was formed by the government in 2007 to engage the Continue Reading